PFOG Experience Day – Monday 11th March 2024

chinese dragon

On Monday 11th March 2024 Oakhyrst Grange had an experience day organised by our PFOG.  For our experience it was Chinese New Year.

We got to control a dragon made out of fabric and other materials.  The other group had beautiful fans and floral parasols.  Then we followed the Pearl, which is a person who leads the dragon around the room.  We marched around the room lifting the dragon up and down, waving our fans and parasols.  Firstly we did a circle and then a spiral followed by a figure of eight and a rectangle.  It looked very realistic and the array of colours were beautiful!

This was a great experience, all thanks to PFOG, and we really enjoyed it and had fun all the way.

By Millie T and Akash S, Year 6