Great Geography Quiz – Friday 22nd March 2024

students stood happily for a photo

On Friday 22nd March, six Year 4 and six Year 5 children went to Caterham School for a Geography Quiz.  On the way in the minibus, some Year 4s tested each other.  When we got there we went into the hall and had some very tasty large cookies and some juice while we waited for some other teams. Yum!

Our first round was to name up to two countries on the border of the country named.  We did round 1 when we were waiting for the remaining teams. When we started round 2 we were really nervous as we thought we didn’t do very well in the first round, but miraculously in this round we got the questions all correct.  This round was super scary as it was about countries shapes.  There were countries like Japan, Chile and Italy.  Moving on to the 3rd round we had to guess the landmark that Barry (the mascot) was next to.  In this round we got one wrong.  Next round was the playdough round!!! Yes!!!  We had to make a model of the Earth! We made all the different layers on top of each other and cut it open. Round 5 was next which was biggest/smallest which was so hard.  We had to guess populations and biggest/smallest countries/islands.  One we had to do was what is the biggest continent in the world.  The penultimate round was How many …? In this round one question was how many Olympic rings are there and how many continents are there?  Round 7 was General Geography Knowledge.  This round was also quite hard as we had to think right back to our first Year 3 topic.  Most of these we got right.

Year 4 came third and Year 5 came second.  Caterham Prep came first.  After we did so well in the quiz, one of the Year 4s said “I was shocked with surprise and was very happy”.  I wonder if we will go again next year?

Thank you to Mrs Leyshon and Mr Burke for taking us to the quiz.

By Lizzie K and Leela P, Year 4